Just Purchased: DivaXpress’ Vintage Multicolor Throw

Just a few minutes ago, I had to do the quickest online checkout from one of my favorite online vintage shops that I didn’t even think was possible. You should have saw me running around looking for my card when my PayPal account was acting stupid and didn’t want to process my order.

Talking about a chicken with his head cut off!

It honestly felt like I was in the line for the  H&M x Balmain collection with no time to spare.

With DivaXpress Vintage being an online vintage boutique, just like thrift stores, there is only one item available. So once that item is gone, there’s no restocking, unless the owner comes across that item again to resell. And that usually happens on rare occasions.

But this time I wasn’t going to be a late bird, I was going after this piece!!!

And here she is, I only paid $20.

Colorful Vintage Throw DivaXpressColorful Vintage Throw DivaXpress 2Colorful Vintage Throw DivaXpress 3

Isn’t she just the cutest? And it’s oversized. I love oversized loose-fitted garments. What are some of your favorite online vintage shops?

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