Style Inspiration: Simple Yet Satisfying

The most simplest and timeless looks are the most rewarding, and the biggest asset is when you can rock and effortless look that don’t require much styling, still remaining chic and fashion-forward.

How to Wear Trousers

When your looks are easy, fresh, and classic with a modern twist, it makes a statement without an overpowering effect.

Simple & Cute

This is when you realize that those timeless pieces you purchased are the most rewarding, and your styling options are endless. Take these polka dot trousers for example, this print can be styled in a multitude of ways, and pairing these pants with a pair of red flats and a white blouse is only one of the ways you can style this look, but you can easily switch out the flats for a pair of neutral or  colored heels, boots, or whatever you desire, and the same goes for the blouse and accessories.

The Fashion Expressway Blog!

Now, the focal point of your look becomes YOU, and your ability to rock such a simple look is now the beauty of your ensemble.  

simple yet satisfying

Which do your prefer simple or striking bold looks? While some may say these looks above are far from simple, what’s your take on the term simple? Leave a comment below and let’s talk fashion.


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