Style Inspiration: 1 Pair of Trousers + Styled Many Ways

If you haven’t received the memo, printed trousers are the craze this season (and they are also number one on my Sewing-To Do List). A pair of tapered trousers are perfect for any occasion, and can be styled countless ways, securing them a spot in your wardrobe as a Spring (and Fall) staple.

Today, we’ll be taking a look at these Aztec-print trousers designed by MSGM from Matches Fashion. Although the price is pretty steep,  this print is down-right gorgeous, and the multitude of colors gives us the option to style these pants any way we desire.

Here are a few looks I’ve put together to spark a few outfit ideas you might consider.

printed trousers

Everything about this look screams fun, but in a more mature and sophisticated way. The neutral colored blazer brings the entire outfit together, creating a polished and more refined look, while a pair of these Marc Jacobs Zipper earrings (potential DIY project), and these Charlotte Olympia embroidered cat face flats adds a whimsical and quirky touch. Add a bright bold lip for a little sex appeal, and you’re good to go!


how to wear printed trousers

Lately, I have been obsessing over ankle boots, so when I spotted these babies over on Polyvore, I had to make them work for this look. What do you think?

Mix and Match

If the looks above weren’t your cup of tea, try mixing and matching pieces that will work for you, because you’re bound to find something you like (unless you just don’t like the pants LOL).

mix and match

 REMEMBER: When shopping for trousers, everything from the fit, the quality, the print (does it work for day or night), the price, and color palette all plays a key factor when purchasing a pair. The versatility of your garment determines how much wear you get out of it, and keep it mind: Can you wear it to work? How about on a lunch date? Out with friends? Don’t just settle on a pair because it’s trending, consider all the other key elements of what will make a really great pant for years to come.

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