Major Obsession: Elastic Waist Pants

Based on the title, you can clearly guess what my post is going to be about, elastic waist pants. Many people have their opinions about this certain style of pants, because they are not structured and they feel “grandma like”, but I on the other hand like for my garments to have more of a relaxed feel, while remaining stylish and fashion-forward, and elastic waist pants provides me with just that.

Here’s a few that I’ve been eyeing lately!

Untitled #361

  • While these pants from Urban Outfitters appear to be more casual, you can easily add a pair of heels and a nice silk blouse, paired with a gold and black leather statement belt to create a more refined and upscale ensemble.
  •  I am in love with these babies from J.Crew, these pajama-inspired tapered pants are so freaking adorable, and don’t think for a second you can’t wear them out, because you can!
  • Last but not definitely not least, I am really in love with these Camo Silk Pants from Piperlime, to see a camouflage print executed to perfection is remarkable, and for these pants to still add a luxe and sophisticated touch is even better!

Now the real question is, would you wear elastic waist pants?

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