January Wishlist

I have a feeling that I’m super late with this post, because I misinterpreted how these post actually work. Do you post wishlists in the middle of the month, after you have scoured the web for potential items you would like to buy yourself, or at the end of the month, when you have lusted after all the things you could have?

Well, below are a few items I am in awe with,  while of the items are high end brands, I know for a fact I could find looks for less!

January Wishlist

Both blouses from Dolce and Gabbana are absolutely stunning, the bold prints and vibrant colors are strikingly beautiful for the upcoming season, and although I really don’t follow trends, these tops can be worn year round. Next, this Chalayan Mesh Skater Skirt is totally me, and yesterday while I was at Walmart I spotted neon yellow fabric, you know I’m going to recreate this look right? So you’re probably looking at this square block of color thinking, what the heck? Well, this color (rust orange) is so freaking beautiful I decided to purchase some fabric this color for a sheer skirt I plan on doing this week, and I’m going to pair it with leopard pumps or flats, and my thick gold chain I purchased today(pictures will be posted on my personal blog).

What’s on your wishlist?

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