Get the Look: Andy Warhol’s Campbell’s Soup Tee

Forever 21 has done it again! Known for offering trendy clothing and accessories at affordable prices (and most of the time designer inspired pieces), this fashion retailer presents to us an Andy Warhol Campbell’s Soup Inspired Tee. I first seen this top at the Forever 21 store in Aventura Mall, but I didn’t get it (and I am regretting this every moment). The quirky design is very appealing, especially considering the fact that who would have ever thought a Campbell’s Soup can would make such a fashion statement?

This is the original Andy Warhol’s Campbell’s Tee

This is Forever 21’s version

This tee was found on Etsy (StudioMF Shop), and is currently priced at $17.99

Can you see yourself wearing a Campbell’s Soup Tee? Stay tuned for a Outfit Inspiration. 
Photo via Svpply, Forever 21, Etsy: Studio MF Shop

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