Is Hello Kitty Becoming a Micro Trend?

After Forever 21 released their Hello Kitty capsule collection, I started to wonder if Hello Kitty was going mainstream (fashion wise that is), because soon after a Hello Kitty sheath dress and Badtz jumper arrived at Modcloth.

While Forever 21 gives us garments with a more modern and sophisticated approach, Modcloth pieces elicits more of a literal concept when it comes to wearing a Hello Kitty garment.

Untitled #324

These blouses are great for work, school,or a night out in the town, and depending on how you style it, you can make it work for all three. Here’s a close up on the Forever 21 Hello Kitty prints, if you’re going for an unexpected yet playful print, without the flamboyance.


close up on the prints

There is no questioning the inspiration behind these Modcloth designs.

Untitled #325

While both garments are quirky and great conversation pieces, Forever 21’s garments are more up my alley, I’m all for standing out and having fun, but I really don’t think I’m daring enough to wear a piece from Modcloth (just yet).

Which one do you prefer? Would you even wear a Hello Kitty imprinted garment?


  1. I agree, people love Hello Kitty right now. I think it's a repeating cycle – my goddaughter LOVES it now, while when I was younger I used to love it the same. I think the brand does a nice job reinventing itself and growing with the times. Hello Kitty will be around forever!


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