Style Inspiration: Rock What You Love

If you feel like wearing a neon green necklace with a navy blue and white polka dot dress, GO FOR IT! Who cares what the next person is wearing, if your heart is telling you to wear this–THEN DO IT! I don’t know how many times I stood in front of the mirror, and loved what I was wearing, and asked my sisters for their opinion of my outfit, and ended up changing my entire outfit, only to please their eyes. This also goes for when I’m choosing fabrics, I’ll ask my boyfriend for his opinion and he’ll give me his insight on what he thinks looks best, and I’ll go for it, only to get back home and regret my purchase.

What I Have Learned?

Everyone’s personal style is different, and what you may love; someone else may hate with a passion. Don’t live your life pleasing the next person, do what you love! It’s that easy.

Here are a few looks from Street Peeper that should inspire you to embrace your personal style.

Photos via Street Peeper


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