Styling: Erdem’s Pre-Fall and Fall Ready-to-Wear 2012 Collection

Erdem’s take on winter floral prints was executed to perfection, and after blogging about it yesterday—it’s only right that I do a Style Inspiration post on how I would personally wear some of his pieces this season.

How do you wear your Brahmin?

This skirt is from Erdem’s Pre-Fall collection. I was going for a look that was not-so-casual, but far from dressy. I love wearing over-sized sweaters with pencil skirts (screams sexy), so when I spotted this over-sized knitted black sweater, I knew this was a match made in heaven. The different tones of brown makes this look easier to style, allowing you to be free and no so matchy-matchy when it comes to finding that perfect shade. I kept the jewelry light, because this skirt is so subtle, anything over-powering would become a distraction.

Untitled #293

I just love how you can see the rich and vibrant colors in the actual runway pic. This dress is from Erdem’s Fall Ready-to-Wear 2012 Collection. In this collection the hues are bolder, richer, and have more of a high-end appeal to them. The dress alone is a statement piece, so when it came to trying to find pieces to style this baby, I had to be careful—so I chose black as the accent color. Gold tone jewelry works best for me because it adds more of a luxe touch, but I also went for pieces that were cool and fun like this mustache ring, and these adorable pink Kate Spade earrings, while the gold watch and double-ring added more of a sophisticated vibe. For a personal yet comical touch, I had to add the tote.

Untitled #290

Along with the previous dress, this little chic number was also a favorite of mine from his Fall RTW 2012 collection. Although this cute little frock is styled for a more dressier occasion, you can easily dress it down. A denim vest and ankle booties can easily make this look more edgy, but be careful on over-doing it. This dress alone is just perfect, the timeless structure, the print—this dress is totally me!


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