Isabel Marant Tuna Dress: Buy It or DIY?

Why is that when a designer create something, we’re automatically inspired by their piece?  When in reality, the same items they’re designing are very easy to recreate, and we start to ask ourselves Why didn’t we think of this? Especially, when the materials has been under our nose the entire time. After reading the Fashion Bomb Daily’s post featuring Tracy Ellis in the Isabel Marant Dress pictured below, I thought to myself Hey I can make that? Especially considering the countless DIY Bleaching Projects owning the web right now.

Although this dress is sold-out in stores and on-line all over the world (trust me if Barney’s don’t have it, no one will) this give you even more motivation to making your own dress.

Attention: I have not made an attempt towards this project just yet, but below are the materials we’ll both need.

Gray over-sized tank  (preferably two sizes larger)
A large bucket
Needle and thread

Would you rather make a purchase, or do-it-yourself? DIY Post coming soon…I PROMISE!

Photo via Barneys


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