The Power of Prints

My obsession with printed garments has to be by far the greatest addiction ever, along with my fabric addiction of course. Vibrant colors, whimsical prints, bold graphics all converted to wearable art on a garment, is simply beautiful. Designers are no longer playing “safe” with garments, their expanding their platform and creating pieces that are more fashionably satisfying.

Untitled #263

Even when we’re cold, a chic sweater is always a must-have to keep us cozy this Fall, and these gorgeous babies are only a fragment of what’s popular in the market right now. Phillip Lim’s Break Up Sweater would look great with these Mother red stretch-corduroy skinny jeans  highlighting the red polish on the finger nail that’s wiping away the tear drop. While Kenzo’s floral printed sweater and Moschino’s Cheap and Chic grey sweater styles nicely with a basic pair of black skinnies, and killer patent leather lace-up boots.
Simply Gorg!

If you’re “more prints the merrier” try pairing Kenzo’s floral printed sweater with the matching skirt for a daring yet bold statement. The textures from both garments creates an unexpected balance, although both prints are the same. For our next garment, I am proud to say “the best graffiti is wearable graffiti”  and when printed on a pair of stretch-satin skinny pants–What more can we ask for? Feeling like Moschino’s graffiti-print  pants are not edgy enough, take it up a notch and style it with a black ripped sweater, and Jeffrey Campbell’s Spike Litas for a total kick a$% look. On the other hand, while Erdem’s Susie silk voile skirt is oozing a little too much femininity, use the same outfit idea for the Moschino pants I mentioned, and you have the perfect girly meets edgy ensemble.

Designer Novelty Print Dresses

I love how fashion designer Michelle Smith can be playful (Claire printed-skirt cotton blend dress) and romantic (Franchesca printed cotton dress) just by the print of her garments, while the structure of her cute frocks remain timeless. The second dress is by Victoria Beckham’s less inexpensive line Victoria, Victoria Beckham and this is a dress with dresses imprinted on them. How cool right? This line consist of whimsical and preppy prints  and showcases the comical appeal Victoria brings to the fashion industry. Would you consider having a wardrobe full of prints?


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