Fishing Lures..Another Micro Trend?

 Spring Creative Lures Fabric
Is this weird or what? But last week I purchased a yard of Springs Creative Lures Fabric from Walmart, and who would have ever guessed (well besides me) that such a print was cool enough to turn into a garment…no other than the brand Lacoste. Now honestly this is starting to drive me crazy, because I thought I was on to something,I thought just maybe this one time I was actually bit by the creative bug, but I guess Lacoste beat me to it. I purchased this fabric because I thought the print was quirky and fun, and before my boyfriend moved to Key West, Florida, we were going fishing almost every chance we got; this reminded me of our fishing trips, so why not turn it into a cheerful but notable garment?

Well after seeing NBA star Russel Westbrook on Ride the Pine in Lacoste’s Fish Hook Print Polo I just knew I had to blog about the fabric that I purchased, which I believe will eventually turn into a micro trend.
Untitled #235

What do you think of this print? Do you think this will turn into a micro trend too? Leave a comment below and let’s talk fashion.


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