Fun Fashion: Social Networking Sites Inspiring Fashion Looks

Expressing ourselves through style, discovering who we really are, and having fun, is what fashion is all about. For today’s post I wanted to be more sentimental to the social networking sites that have helped us build new friendships, mend old ones, and changed our lives in ways we couldn’t have imagined if it weren’t for them. So YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, and Blogger thank you, this one is for you!

I wish I could have featured all of the social networking sites into one post but the list is longer than I’ve imagined, so stay tuned for a Part 2. 

For the mean time…

Check out the looks inspired by our beloved social networking sites we have grown to love. 


Untitled #213

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If you want to go for a more classic and sophisticated approach, this YouTube inspired outfit is perfect for you. I wanted to go for a look that was camera-ready (if you get my drift), but still dainty and chic without being over-the-top.

Untitled #214

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If you’re planning on spending your Sunday afternoon drinking lemonade under the Big Oak Tree, chatting with friends, and listening to Blue Jays tweet, you must be a fan of Twitter. Pulling off this look is easy, go for a turquoise blue dress and accent it off with nude and gold accessories, but don’t forget the bird necklace, it’s needed for a #simplebutchiclook.

Untitled #215

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For this look I was feeling a bit monochromatic, different shades of blue are beautiful, you can’t help but to like it.

 Untitled #216

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Now we both know I couldn’t leave out Blogger, this is my domain for crying out loud! For this look I felt like Colorblocking. Playing with bold hues are fun, but if you’re not sure how to introduce it to your wardrobe, add a neutral colored blouse, start with a navy blue bottom (it would remind you of dark denim) and pair them with a bright colored pump to complete your ensemble.

What do you think of these looks? Are you on any social networking sites? If so share your links below? Leave a comment below and let’s talk fashion.

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