Style Inspiration: How to Wear Dolce and Gabbana’s Tomato-Printed Garments

A while ago I blogged about how fruits and vegetables were starting to become a crazy but cool trend,  and after doing a little virtual screen shopping, and drooling over Dolce and Gabbana’s Tomato- Printed Garments, I knew deep down it was only right that I give you a little inspiration on how to wear these lovely pieces. Enjoy xoxoxo.

Keep it Simple Yet Classy

Untitled #208
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Since the dress alone makes a statement, try keeping everything simple but classy.  Pairing a vintage Chanel gold-chained bag and black pumps doesn’t over power the dress but adds a simplistic touch, while the gold drop earrings and necklace adds a bit of shine to the ear and neck.

Complementary Colors

Untitled #209

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Try adding hues that complement the color red, in this look a yellow blazer and a green bag goes for a more vibrant approach.

Casual and Sexy!

Untitled #211

To achieve this summer-friendly look, wearing a pair of these tomato-styled bloomers would definitely do the trick. If you want to go for casual and sexy, start by lengthening your legs with a pair of sneaker wedges, second, add a denim vest, if you want you can add a tank underneath, or you go tank-less and just wear a bra. When it comes to the jewelry and accessories, have fun, layer on the chains, add a pair of colored sunglasses, and a fedora-style straw hat and you’re good to go.

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