Style Inspiration: How to Style a Semi-Monochromatic Look

Hey you guys I’m sorry for not posting an Outfit/Style Inspiration post yesterday, I was just so busy with homework, I had to put blogging on the back burner. For today’s Style Inspiration I wanted to go for a more semi-chromatic look featuring one of the trendiest colors this season: Orange.The reason why this a semi-monochromatic look is simply because a monochromatic look is when you style a color but with different shades of that hue.

Untitled #192

The nude, red and gold elements of this outfit does not make this a monochromatic look anymore.
For the accessories, gold jewelry added a luxe feel, while the neutral toned statement necklace made more of a quiet testimony, and these pair of neutral pumps elongate the legs while adding a simplistic touch.

What do you think of this look? Have you rocked a monochromatic or semi-monochromatic look lately? Leave a comment below and let’s talk fashion.

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