Get Inspired by these Valentines Day Looks

Need an idea to get you started on what to wear for Valentines Day, because you have no clue? No worries, check out these looks below, perfect for anytime of day, any age, any body type. Lets get started!
Outfit #1

vday look#1

This look is more casual and is geared towards my high school and college students, who want to dress up for Valentines Day, but not overdress because they are just going to school (even though I do not believe a person can never be overdressed :] ). In this outfit, the denim shirt definitely makes this look more casual, but if you would like to dress it up, but where the same skirt. Check Out Outfit #2.


Outfit #2

Vday Look #2

This look is more dressier than the first, but still portrays that flirty, cute, girly look that you want to accomplish. I simply just paired a black blazer and a white basic tee, but added a statement necklace for a more Wow Effect. Everyday go to black pumps, and this black clutch makes this look easier for any woman to accomplish, and because these are staple pieces that are suppose to be in every woman’s closet.

Outfit #3

vday look3

This outfit is very sexy and modern,this look is more mature and I would say a woman in their early 30’s and up, can pull this look off, and not think twice about it.

Outfit #4

Untitled #76

Sophisticated and chic was my goal for this look, this outfit is for the ones that do not like wearing skirts or dresses, but jeans. As you can see in the outfit above, I did not pair this top with a denim bottom because it is Valentines Day, and you would look more polish with these black trousers, rather than black or blue skinny jeans.

Outfit #5

Untitled #77

Now if you like bright colors and prints, like myself, and want to be more than average, but still not over-the-top crazy, you will love this look. I for one am in love with crazy bold prints, and vibrant colors, so this look is perfect for me. What do you think of this look?

What did you think of these looks? Like them or not, tell me below.


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