Get this Designer’s Look: Alexander McQueen

When I came across this top by Alexander McQueen, I was completely stunned with how beautiful it was, but like always the price (over five thousand dollars) was not settling inside my head. So I took it upon myself to try and recreate a similar look, and I think I did pretty well.

Untitled #23

On the left is the Alexander McQueen”s design, and on the right is my creation.

In this look, I chose a sheer black top, which was similar to our muse look, and chose a gold statement necklace, to go around the collar (because of the embellishments around the neck on the McQueen’s top).

If you would like to go for this look or try something different, start by choosing any color sheer top of your choice, but I do reccomend going for a gold piece of statement jewelry, to add boldness and lux to your ensemble.

Now Lets Talk Fashion: What do you think of both looks? Do you have any statement pieces of jewelry you wear, to change up our favorite pieces?

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