Fashion Inspiration: Cookies

(Photo Credit: Deviant Art)

So for today’s Outfit Inspirations, I wanted to have a little fun by getting some inspiration from the famous Cookie Monster himself. Since the Cookie Monster and I both love cookies, why not get inspired from their packages? I put together three outfits based off some of my favorite cookies, and like always you can try them out, it’s up to you!

oreo inspired

 Known as milk’s favorite cookie, Oreo’s are on the top of my list. What I adore about this outfit is that this look is simple yet chic, and no one would even know you got inspiration  from a cookie package. I am totally obsessed with tie-bow shirts, and this versatile royal blue shirt is very elegant  and sophisticated, you can wear it to look not-so-casual with flats or sandals, or you can style it with some nice pumps. I chose these black skinny jeans because I like the way they cuff up at the bottom when worn with heels.

Nutter Butter

cookie monster

This outfit is just simply adorable, and the red skirt itself is just so darn cute. I wanted to go for a more detailed top, so I chose this white ruffle short sleeve blouse, but if you don’t like ruffles, you can always opt for any other white shirt. You can’t do a Nutter Butter inspired outfit without having some nude pumps (peanut butter), so I went with these nice leather platform pumps to create more of a polished look. I decided to throw in the navy blue clutch, because of the lining around the words Nutter Butter on the package, while the gold accessories add s a bit of glitz while not being too much, making this ensemble perfect for any occasion.

Famous Amos

famous amos

When I was in high school, I had a friend who ate Famous Amos cookies everyday after lunch, so I know I couldn’t do an outfit without mentioning these cookies. This look seems to be very neutral, but the royal blue belt color-fies it a little. I really love the shoes, because they are the same color as the cookies, but like always you can add dark brown pumps or light brown pumps, whatever suits your personal style. To close it up, when it came down to the accessories and jewelry, the white clutch did this outfit some justice, and the gold accessories are a winner. I tried to pair it with silver jewelry, but it blended in too much with the other colors; making the jewelry seem quite invisible.

Now Lets Talk Fashion: Would you ever get inspired by some of your favorite foods, if so, what kind?

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